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Alchemy on the Sea

Discovery of Self

Many of us embark on a lifelong journey seeking answers, looking for external sources to heal, validate, and guide us. But what if I told you that the power to heal and transform lies within you? You already possess everything you need. Sometimes, all it takes is a loving guide to unearth the buried treasures of your being.

Energy is not just a concept but a tangible force that shapes our lives. Drawing from the principles of physics, we know that while energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can be transformed.

My mission is to empower you to reconnect with your innate magic, radiating your authentic brilliance. Together, we delve into ancient wisdoms to harmonize and balance your energy fields; identifying and releasing patterns that no longer serve your highest good, illuminating the beauty and potential that resides within you.  

Welcome to the journey of You!

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"I had a wonderful experience with Shenandoah. I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed in her presence, and her ability to feel my energy during the reiki session was pretty special. The energetic work brought up a lot of emotions for me but I felt safe to open up with Shenandoah - her skills, knowledge, and intuition, combined with her warmth and kindness, is a kind of magic . I'm so happy our paths crossed and I can't wait to continue my journey with her support"


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