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About Me

My name is Shenandoah and if you are into that sort of thing, which I am, it means 'daughter of the stars'. For me this is an affirmation and a bit of a validation for different aspects of my life. I am passionate about assisting others find their way back to themselves. I feel most alive when I am on my sailboat in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight; being at sea overnight is an extra magical experience for me. Stars have been used for navigation since the beginning of time, so my name feels in alignment not only with my desire to always be at sea, but also with my role as a guide and one who will shine the light on the beauty that is already there inside you. 

All these things being said, it was experiences and active choices that I have made in my life that brought me to this point, the name is like a cherry on top. No, I didn't change my name it is the one that I was blessed with at birth. I am a spiritual person and I do believe that nature always knows best. I do my best to fully honor her and respect those around me. Everyday I practice my motto, which is to lead with love, follow with compassion, and always do my best to leave the judgements behind. However, that is my personal existence, you do not need to align or exist in the same way I do in order to work with me. My work is open and available to all, at the core we are just discovering and remembering what it means to be ourself.

Enough of that. you are most likely reading this because you are searching for something and the great search engine that is the internet or Google, brought you here to my website because I am extra magical with my website building skills and told it to do so. I would like to believe that everything in life is destiny, but reality is that many choices and experiences in life are just by chance and sometimes they work out in our favor in a very big or scary way. 

As we walk through our lives, starting from the moment we come into it, we are having experiences. Every experience shifts or impacts our reality in one way or another. Trauma is not just the things that we physically feel, but also events that impact us emotionally, psychologically, and mentally that leave lasting imprints. Depending on how we were raised, how our parents were raised, the series of events in our lives, and other factors we all process situations uniquely. We form patterns that assist us with coping, and as we grow these patterns generally shift and change so that we can continue to blossom. However, sometimes we get stuck in a pattern or two and start getting in our own way, or experience outcomes are not what we had intended. 

There were events in my life in which I formed patterns around in order to cope. I never shifted or adjusted those patterns, or coping mechanisms, as my life shifted. These patterns were detrimental and brought forth a physical manifestation to assist me in recognizing them. I woke up one day and while showering realized that my whole body was numb. I sought help and found that there were lesions on my neck that were thought to be a signal that would lead to a diagnosis of MS. To tell you I was scared is an understatement. I started to go inward and luckily met a wonderful lady who guided me to someone who helped me work through what is called, Inner Child Work. 

I walked into my first session thinking this was crazy, I had already done all the healing surrounding my childhood. The mascara that had run down and settled all over my face during my session would tell you a different story. I learned that I developed a pattern of putting everyone else first and ensuring their wellbeing before, and often instead of, my own. In a period of a few months I had more MRIs that revealed the lesions were healing themselves and there were no sign of MS. The numbness went away and I got back to life.

Energy work is powerful, however,  it cannot heal you from MS, cancer, arthritis, ALS, diabetes, or any other disease, illness, ailment you may be experiencing. If you are going through something major like this and want to work with me on the energetic, emotional, and mental aspects then please, please reach out to me. However, don't only reach out to me, please make sure that you are seeking the guidance and experience of those qualified. I have added a list of those that I respect and highly recommend on my Self Love page.  Not one size will fit everyone, please remember to honor what feels in alignment with you.  What your healing journey looks like will be unique for you, just as it should be. 

My goal is first and foremost to ensure that you feel safe, this process can be tricky and you need to feel comfortable and confident with whoever you work with in your healing journey. If you don't feel I am the one for you, please check out my Self Love page for others that I have worked with and recommend. I do my best to keep that page as up to date as possible and only add those who I fully trust and know lead with with love. 

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