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What to Expect...

Each energy session is unique, it really depends on the person receiving and the delivery of the gifts honored by the practitioner. 

A session could take place with you relaxed on a massage table, it could exist in the form of a conversation, it could even be done distantly. Energy work is something that we do constantly as practitioners, the key is that for your session you are met where you are. I wrap up my energy and set it aside so that we focus solely on you and what you need.

The most important deciding factor is what your energetic body is communicating and what you physically tell me is needed for you. Energy work can be done on physical and emotional concerns. Below is a list of common experiences after energy sessions:

  • Relief of pain and anxiety

  • Easing feelings of depression

  • Ease tension

  • Assist with insomnia 

  • Achieving a more deeply felt centering

  • Shift in energy

  • Overwhelming feeling of peace and relaxation

  • Experience of sensations, emotions, or insights as the energy works to balance and heal.

These are just some of the most common reasons one seeks out energy work. However, research is ongoing for all the many impacts of energy work.

My greatest strength is in identifying what is lingering around that is no longer serving you and helping you to work through it instead of around it.

See offerings below for details on each...

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