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Self Love

As promised, if you are not resonating with me and what I offer, but still looking... Please check out the ladies below that I personally recommend.

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Fallon Lev

Life + Style Coach - Heart Worker 

Fallon exists in such a beautiful state of love that radiates outward. I knew I was ready to move forward with my path and was struggling with some blocks. Fallon has truly seen me and aided me in sitting deeper into my peace and honoring myself for all I am, highlighting my strengths.  Working with her helped me find the courage and inspiration to live in my true power and honor the gifts I have been nurturing.

I have really enjoyed the evolution of stepping into showing up for myself in the way that I have always wanted to, but felt insecure and afraid to do so. Fallon embodies your favorite girlfriend who sees you and helps you to see yourself as well. Not only does she do this on the inside, but the cherry on top is that she helps you show the world who you are as well. 

If you are looking for a boost in manifesting and stepping into your life, and/or looking to shift your style to be more in line with who you are, or just wanting someone to cheer you on as you work through life, reach out to Fallon. She also teaches yoga and holds beautiful retreats, not to mention women's circles that are all heart centered.

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