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A curated blend designed to anchor you in tranquility through the magic of alchemy. Inspired by a dream and crafted with care. Each anchor is handmade and each bottle is hand mixed with love and infused with protective healing energy. Spritz generously for a calming sanctuary.


Each bottle is unique as the ocean water is collected from different locations, almost always under a full moon. This batch was gathered in Mexico on the first day of 2024. 

Anchored Bliss

  • Pure ocean essence.

    Malachite crystals for grounding and healing. 

    Frankincense for emotional balance and harmony. 

    Green aventurine for protection and emotional ease. 

    Palo santo to elevate vibrations and bring positive energy. 

    Infused with energy using ancient wisdom to protect, heal, and calm.

    No labels are used directly on the bottle so that it may be reused. Made with the intent of love and sustainability.

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